How does a girl care for herself during her period?

During one’s period, the girl is more prone to infections. As a lady, you need to take proper care of yourself during your period to prevent chances of getting an infection.

Some tips on taking proper care of yourself during your period.

  • Use a sanitary pad or tampon
  • Bath at least twice daily
  • Do not use one sanitary towel for too long before changing it to avoid getting an infection
  • Wash your underwear after each use
  • When you use the bathroom, wipe from front to back to avoid infection.
  • Wash your hands after changing your sanitary towel and whenever you use the bathroom.
  • Take an extra sanitary towel and underwear when you are going out of the house to prevent staining accidents

What should you do if you experience aches or discomfort?

  • Warm compresses or hot water bottles could help relieve period pains.
  • If you have mild discomfort, you could use a pain killer (it is better to commence use before your period starts)
  • If the pain is severe or comes with a fever, you may need to see a doctor.

How do I insert a sanitary towel?

  • Remove the wrap/covering
  • Place the sanitary towel on the seat of your underwear with the adhesive part attached to the seat and the soft cotton upper part facing your body.

How do I dispose of a used sanitary towel?

  • Do not throw into the toilet to prevent blockage
  • Wrap up soiled sanitary towels in waste paper or newspaper and dispose in the waste disposal bin for onward disposal by the waste

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