Understanding PubertyINTRODUCTION

We will be doing a series on understanding puberty.

Every human being is born a child but ends up as an adult. Between childhood and adulthood is a very important phase called puberty. This phase is full of so many physical and emotional changes that could be scary to the uninformed; especially to the girl child in Africa whose family members traditionally do no like speaking about such things. The girl then stumbles on puberty and has to rely on the sometimes flawed knowledge of her peers. This could lead to risky behaviours and sometimes fatal consequences.

Puberty, however, can and should be an exciting time for the girl child. It’s a time where she naturally transits from being a pretty girl to being a beautiful woman. A well informed girl has nothing to fear from puberty and many things to look forward to.

Puberty is a season of change and these changes can be grouped into two
1. Physical changes
2. Emotional changes

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We will take a deeper look at the changes that occur during puberty in our next blog post.