As we mentioned in our previous article, puberty is a season of change and these changes can be grouped into two
1. Physical changes
2. Emotional changes

Physical changes are those changes that are visible which happen to the body. They include:
a) Breast development. A very vital part of being a woman is the privilege of birthing, caring for and raising a child. For this to happen, the development of the breasts and reproductive system of the girl is very important. The shape of the girl also ranges from being flat chested to curvy. A lot of girls worry about the size of their breasts or the rate of development but this is nothing to worry about. Different women are of different sizes but it doesn’t reduce their beauty neither does it affect their ability to care for a baby.

b) Menstruation. The reproductive system of the girl matures during puberty. As a result of this, her body begins to prepare for the processes of conceiving a child. Hence, every month (usually 26 to 30 days but can be irregular when a girl starts and later stabilise ) an egg is produced which if unfertilized (by a male sperm), naturally disintegrates and flows out as blood. This is usually one of the scariest parts of puberty for most girls especially when they stumble upon it without being pre-informed.

c) Hair development in pubic area, armpits etc. As hair begins to grow in these areas, there is a tendency for body odour to develop due to the trapping of sweat and dirt by the hair follicles. To curb this, a deodorant should be gotten and used daily after bath. Also as the hair grows too full, regular trimming and shaving would have to be done.

d) Arms, tighs, hips and upper back become fuller. All of this results in a gradual and almost unnoticed change from having the physique of a girl to having that of a woman.


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