Protecting Yourself From Sexual Abuse

Sexual violence is a common phenomenon and occurs worldwide.  The burden of prevention should not lie on the adolescent but on the parents, Government and society. However, every adolescent should be well equipped with information that can help prevent him/her from becoming a victim of sexual abuse. Helpful information like:

1. Know the boundaries of your body and keep them. Private parts are private. Do not allow anyone coerce you into showing them or allowing them touch yours or force you to touch theirs. If anyone mentions this, run away and report to the nearest responsible adult (preferably your parents or the school counsellor/nurse if it happens in school)

2. Avoid being alone with the a member of the opposite sex in secluded places.

3. Avoid walking alone in the dark, on lonely roads or in secluded places.

4. Keep your parents informed of your whereabouts at all times.

5. Learn to say No and mean it.

6. Avoid going to shady places like bars, night clubs etc.

7. Have a chaperone when with the opposite sex or ensure such meetings are in busy, well populated places

8. Trust your intuition about people and situations. Leave a place the moment you feel uncomfortable, sense danger or have a bad feeling you cannot explain. That’s your intuition warning you.

9. Know that sexual abuse is never the fault of the victim but of the abuser.

10. Always tell a trusted adult immediately if anyone tries to abuse you.

11. If you find yourself cornered and about to be abused, hit the abuser hard on the private parts, dig your nails into the eyes of the abuser, bite hard enough to draw blood, scream and don’t stop screaming for help (this is to attract the attention and help of passers-by or neighbours), run away as soon as you’re no longer held and don’t stop running till you get to a safe place.

If you or anyone you know is a survivor of sexual abuse and will like someone to talk to, send a mail to us –