Balance? what does this really mean? It is International Women’s Day today and this year’s theme is “Balance for Better”. International Women’s Day has been marked on 8th of March since 1911. Women have come a long way. It is a bit difficult picturing a world where women were not entitled to vote! That tells a lot about the level of regard or lack thereof the world once had for women.

Women are unique beings. They are designed to nurture life. Their natural make up makes it easy for them to nurture whatever is placed in their hands. Cast your mind back to women who have made impact in different spheres – from the women celebrated the world over to the unsung heroes who have made outstanding impact in their homes and immediate surroundings – women are literally able to make something out of almost nothing. They have the capacity to stretch, adapt and build.

Over time, women have been restrained. A limit has been placed in the mindsets of the average woman. Sometimes they tell themselves they can’t, even when they can, because they feel it would be out of place to go all out, to be high achievers, to break the glass ceiling and to take on territories.

This is a call to the woman. You need to believe that you can, you need to dig deep and bring out all that is deposited in you. The whole creation sure awaits your manifestation. However, never forget that the word ‘balance’ should apply in all your dealings. Remember that you are wired to nurture. Also remember that one of the noblest assignments you have is to mold the next generation. So, never forget, as you work towards conquering the world and taking on territories, that charity begins at home. Nurture your sisters, help build the people around you up. Do not be tempted to pull others down. Nurture the next generation. This will guarantee that the values we so desire to see in our world is perpetuated.

While we talk about balance with regards to gender parity, do not forget balance in your life. The dictionary defines balance as establishing equal or appropriate proportions of elements. This means you should allocate appropriate proportions of your time to the important aspects of your life. Do not allow any aspect of your life suffer at the expense of others. Apply balance, prioritize. Ensure you are balanced spiritually, socially, emotionally, intellectually, physically and in every aspect. This way, you are more productive and you will surely be better.

So yes, we will balance for better!