The scope of this foundation will align with the realities in the environment in which girls find themselves as will be identified through research. Some of the objectives of this foundation are:

  1. To carry out exploratory surveys to determine challenges facing the girl child in the areas we operate.
  2. To empower the girl child, socially, physically, mentally and morally, in order to enable her maximize her full potential and take her place in society.
  3. To educate the African girl on all aspects of personal hygiene and healthy practices that will promote health and improve wellbeing, and reduce the incidence of infectious diseases and misuse of medicines.
  4. To train girls to be active in educating their communities on women’s health matters through peer education.
  5. To educate girls on sexual health issues and empower them to take charge of their bodies in order to reduce sex related violence.
  6. To make available, health interventions that are not readily accessible to girls.